Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Best Detox Cleanse in Just 48 Hours

Detox Cleanse programs that claim to help you lose 20 pounds in a week and under are absolute hogwash. If losing weight was that easy, obesity would be a thing of the past. When you are looking for the best detox cleanse, there is only one thing that you must focus on; a strategy that will effectively remove toxins from your body and revitalize your system. Here is a 2 day detox program that was popularized.

Best Detox Cleanse

The Principle of this Program

This two day detox plan basically works by boosting the activity of our enzymes. The diet gives your body the necessary nutrients that will help the production of these enzymes and also increase the effect they have on the body. These nutrients also engage our natural detox system which is made up of the liver, lungs, kidneys and colon. Following this meal plan will help you significant physical and functional improvements that leave you feeling light and rejuvenated.

The Actual Detox Cleanse

The recommended meal plan requires you to eat only certain foods for two days to engage the detoxification system and make it more efficient.

1. For Breakfast:

The ideal breakfast during this fast is a bowl of whole grains. Quinoa seeds work the best as they consist of essential amino acids that help protein generation. Consuming foods high in proteins prevents muscle tissue loss and therefore ensures that you do not look six at the end of it. With the Quinoa you can mix in prunes and sorbitol that act as powerful fiber sources and laxatives. 

2. For Lunch:

Your lunch should be refreshing and high in antioxidants. A fruit smoothie consisting of blueberries, bananas and flax or chia seeds is ideal during this cleansing plan. Blueberries are  rich in antioxidants and also contain a pigment called quercetin which is helpful in increasing the function of the liver. Vitamin B6 in bananas recharge elements that are necessary for the natural detox process. Chia seeds and Flax seed provide necessary fibers to eliminate the digested food completely. 

3. For Dinner:

A good vegetable broth that includes fennel, parsley, garlic and cabbage help boost the functioning of the liver and stimulate the secretion of bile. Adding a bit of cayenne pepper can boost the activity pf our lungs. A helping of apple slices with this broth also provides the necessary amount of fiber to eliminate the waste effectively.

Points to Remember When You Follow This Diet

• Keep your body hydrated with lots of water.
• Never eat later than 7 pm
• Sleep for atleast eight hours
• Consume a cup of dandelion tea as it has great diuretic properties.
• If you are in the habit of consuming beverages regularly, make enough pineapple and kale juice. This is also a great snack as it keeps you quite full and also help boost digestive enzymes.

This all natural program is the safest and best detox cleanse.

Source:- Dom Bowkett

Friday, 21 April 2017

Digdev Direct helping clients reach worldwide sales and distribution channels

With a permission based email marketing list of over 220 million unique email addresses, a comprehensive multi channel marketing firm like Dig Dev-Direct can greatly impact your company’s bottom line.

Dig-Dev Direct can accomplish this by connecting your business or brand to a targeted client base across a multitude of both sales and distribution channels, the very essence of multi-channel marketing. The team at Dig Dev Direct has developed an array of products and services across digital platforms that serve this very purpose.

Whether you are looking for permission based email services or need to get more in depth with mobile and web to mobile content solutions, DigDevDirect can provide tools and techniques that lead to both positive branding and increased sales for your business. DigDevDirect email services rely heavily on the creative, ensuring you will have a message that can immediately capture the audience’s attention and engage potential clients. Simply stated, permission based email is the term used to refer to the business practice of sending email message to subscribers who requested them. This is in direct contrast to unsolicited email messages which is commonly known as spam. You can obtain specific permission to receive email directly from a subscriber, or have an existing customer relationship that implies the customer wants to receive your email messages. Many times, an initial email will be sent to a prospective customer with an option to “opt out” or “unsubscribe.”

Many people, particularly email marketers, have varying definitions of what constitutes permission-based email in terms of direct or implied consent. Because of this, various email hosts create filters that block out what might be deemed as an unsolicited email.

DigDevDirect helps navigate the client through the process of developing and utilizing a viable permission based email campaign. Using email creative expertise, the firm can help avoid the terms and phrases that are most often discarded by email filters while at the same time developing a marketing message that is most likely to engage your clientele.

DigDevDirect was built on integrating a myriad of digital strategies that not only include email marketing, but also enhances those efforts through appending services and creative service such as web design and mobile applications.

In fact, Dig-DevDirect has a growing presence in the permission mobile and mobile application space, integrating services in that burgeoning market for its client base. Multi channel marketing is the new buzz word for firms hoping to move their advertising and marketing strategies into the digital age, but it has been a longstanding strength of the team at DigDev-Direct whose founders are considered pioneers in both the permission email marketing and permission mobile fields.

With a mission to remain on the leading edge of digital marketing technologies and to assist clients in creating innovative, scalable, reliable and profitable products and solutions to meet the growing needs of the digital market place, Dig-Dev-Direct will no doubt continue to reign as one of the industry benchmarks for excellence. Dominic Bowkett - Dom Bowkett